Brand Identity for SMEs: 5 tips for the optimal structure of your brand identity

If the first part about brand identity made you curious, it is probably because you work in a small or medium-sized company or work in a freelance profession.

Brand identity is also important for your company, no matter how small.

We would like to give you some tips on how you can optimally manage your “company image” or at least start dealing with this image.

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1. Storytelling: Build your own image with a story

Companies often forget the meaning of their story: Behind how many companies, family businesses, freelancers is there a story that is worth telling? There are more than you think.

Just think of the romantic story of Baci Perugina and its inventor Luisa Spagnoli (who also founded the well-known fashion label). In case you don’t know it yet: It is worth it. After reading it, the delicious praline made of dark chocolate with hazelnut pieces will taste even better, after all, it is the “child” of secret love, who saw the light of day in a small chocolate factory in Perugia, Umbria. As a freelancer, you can possibly have a very varied story that led you on winding paths to your job and calling or, on the contrary, about your “straight” path to your goal: In both cases, your personal strengths are reflected in your story! And your target group should know about it too. Your story makes you unique and sets you apart from your competitors.

2. Advantages of your services or products

You have to define exactly which advantages you offer your customers: Often one concentrates too much on the description of the product or service and gets lost in technical jargon without Realize the real benefits or benefits that are of interest to customers.

This step is extremely important so that you know the advantages yourself and can make them better understandable to your customers. Seeing yourself from the outside, understanding how you are perceived by the target group and whether what you are communicating is understandable may seem obvious: Unfortunately, however, many companies refrain from taking this perspective and checking these criteria, which is why the Brand Identity seems sterile and has no relation to entrepreneurial activity.

The identity of the brand lies in its special story, but also in the advantages that the product or service offers customers. From a practical perspective, you have to work hard on the texts: These form the basis for the website and can later be used for the various CI products such as brochures, reports and the entire information material of the company.

3.Image maintenance

The brand identity also consists to a large extent of visual elements (or the “visual” as it is called in English). How does the company and its products appear from the outside? How is the company or the freelancer perceived when looking at the company’s own visual communication?

It is important to maintain all picture elements: from the profile photos and recordings of the company headquarters to the pictures that are used in the social media towards corporate design (i.e. logo, business cards, brochures, stationery and promotional gifts).

The company not only consists of products but also of a uniform, sustainable visual language that is used for communication with the outside world.

Freelancers and small businesses, in particular, tend to neglect this aspect and prefer to focus on public relations or advertising, but it’s a bit like having a conversation with someone where we carefully listen to ours Pay attention to the choice of words and the tone of voice and present convincing arguments, but you would be negligently dressed, completely unkempt and in flip-flops. Some companies and freelancers run the risk of giving this impression …

4. Strengthening the brand identity with simple means of communication

As already mentioned, sometimes only small investments are required to convey your own brand identity correctly: Create Business cards and company brochures, have greeting cards, advertising banners and posters printed to decorate your office or business premises, and produce information material for your target groups at. But also add the right stories and information to your website.

Communication can take place in numerous ways, and every company and every freelancer must choose the tools that best suit them in order to build an image. There are countless resources available today for this purpose. No less numerous are the possibilities to present yourself to the “audience” and to tell your own story, with the focus on the clear and uniform presentation of the company, its history and its products must be.

Картинки по запросу "brand identity"

5. Rely on professionals

Carelessly created texts, meaningless picture elements, print media produced on cheap material, poorly functioning websites damage a company’s reputation more than one would think. For this reason, you should always trust experienced professionals who will advise you as best as possible and support you in creating memorable products.

The topic of brand identity is far more complex than presented in this article, but every company and every freelancer must be aware that building their own image with target groups, customers and consumers are based on a series of different campaigns that contribute to a better or worse reputation and that communication is not just about advertising, i. H. the direct sale of services and products, but also conversations and information concerns. It is important to understand that the conveyed brand identity influences the purchase decision for or against your product or service: For this reason, you have to build your own brand identity and readjust it over time.

Good luck!

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