12 inspiring podcasts for creative minds

If you are sometimes a little lacking in motivation or need some “virtual” company while working on your creative project or on your way to work, check out these fantastic creative podcasts and let yourself be inspired by them.

Your Creative Push was founded by Youngman Brown aka Mike Young. In 2015 Mike was passionate about writing, but he was a little frustrated as he didn’t have enough time for his creative projects. He looked for suitable podcasts to get inspiration. Since he couldn’t find a podcast that could help him in his creative low, he decided to create his own podcast. On Your Creative Push, you will find interviews with creative people from many different areas and in different creative phases. They tell their story and give tips on what worked well for them. Although the interviewees come from a wide variety of areas, you can practically relate to them all. However, if you’re looking for inspiration from your specific creative niche, Youngman created a search menu just for that.

Art for All is a podcast about creating art, but also about how art can be made accessible to everyone. Even if you feel like you lack the artistic skills right now, this podcast encourages you to try anyway. In the episodes, Danny Gregory often just talks about a certain topic, for example, “fear of drawing”. Danny has an impressive movie voice and is great at telling stories. He also encourages his audience to do something creative while listening. Danny Gregory has written and illustrated numerous bestsellers on art and creativity. He is a co-founder of Sketchbook Skool, so he knows exactly what he’s talking about.

If you’ve heard of the hugely popular Inktober art/illustration challenge, you already know Jake Parker, one of the three Point Perspective hosts. Parker talks about subjects related to illustration with two other professional illustrators, Will Terry and Lee White. If you are already an illustrator or want to become one, this podcast is a must-have for you. Topics range from ways to enhance your illustrations, to comic art, to the business side of an illustrator’s life. One of the most entertaining episodes I listened to was talking about mistakes the three of them had made over the years. If you want to learn with a smile on your face, you can listen to this episode here: Episode 04: Our Most Embarrassing Stories in Illustration.

I still remember how this podcast was founded a few years ago. It was the first podcast made by graphic designers for designers. If you want to be up to date with all the latest in the design world and also enjoy business tips, this podcast is for you. If you’re a home-based freelance designer, you can tune in to this podcast and feel like you’re sitting in a small office with fellow designers talking about your favorite subjects. The three hosts not only talk about specific topics but also hold interviews with guests from the design industry who give tips on building your company or developing your skills. For example, this podcast covers topics such as “5 Ways to Increase your Design Rates” and “Passive income ideas and Tips for Designers”.

Todd Henry, the host of The Accidental Creative, talks about habit-related topics that will help you maintain your creativity. The episodes I liked best are the ones where he talks about how we can’t expect to be productive if we don’t nurture our creativity. If you’ve ever felt burned out or had a creative block, you know what that means. In addition, Todd conducts interviews with guests from the creative sector who provide suggestions on how to better manage time, introduce creative habits, and maintain inspiration. If you need a dose of motivation, listen to this podcast. Todd Henry has also written several books on creativity.

Pencil Kings is mainly an art podcast, but some topics are also interesting for illustrators and designers. The latest episodes are aimed at artists who have decided to really learn about creating art. In previous episodes there were tips on topics like “How do I become a comic book artist” or “How do I become a designer or an illustrator”? The business side of art and design is also covered.

This is arguably the longest-running podcast on design and creativity. It is hosted by designer Debbie Millman and has existed for a total of 14 years. On this podcast, you will find interviews with numerous creative people from a wide variety of industries, such as designers, artists, illustrators, photographers and writers. As you’d expect from a podcast host with such a long history, the interviews are interesting and skillful. One of my favorite episodes is talking to designers Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, who are working on some crazy projects. The project discussed in this episode is called 40 Days of Dating. It is also available as a book and maybe made into a film.

While this podcast may not fit the standard definition of a creative podcast, I can assure you that there is no shortage of creativity here. People who work in the creative field often have several irons in the fire. For example, designers can learn how to create creative videos and blog regularly. Nick Loper’s The Side Hustle Show offers tons of ideas on how to turn such skills into extra income. Nick does an interview every week with a “side hustler” who does just that. Some interview guests have consciously started to create an additional source of income for themselves. Others have started blogging about their favorite topics and the blog has grown into a part or full-time source of income. Nick also has conversations with marketers who can help you grow your business.

You’ve probably heard of TED Talks before, but if not, they’re short, inspiring talks from people around the world. The speakers come from a wide variety of disciplines, such as technology, education and design (TED stands for Technology, Education, Design). The TED radio hour packs excerpts from such lectures into an audio podcast on a specific topic. For example, one episode is based on the theme of joy. In it, an expert talks about how we can incorporate more joy into the design of our surroundings. There is also an inventor who invents funny but useless robots. The podcast itself is already inspiring and can help you find the TED talks you’d like to listen to in full.

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The Creative Penn by Joanna Penn is a podcast about creative entrepreneurship and writing. We all need to write in some form, whether it’s blog copy promoting our business or just social media posts. Even if you’re not passionate about writing, many of the topics may be of interest to creative people from other disciplines. The founder of this podcast is Joanna Penn and she knows what she’s talking about. She quit her IT job that she was not happy with and has managed to become a very successful creative entrepreneur. She used the self-publishing model when it was still in its infancy and can give a lot of tips. Joanna has written both non-fiction and fiction, although she originally thought she had no creative ideas for them.

Chase Jarvis is the photographer and founder of the online creative teaching site Creative Live. In his podcast, he interviews well-known artists, celebrities and creative entrepreneurs. This podcast is a professional show with great speakers who will inspire you and help you change your minds for the better. The interviewees give a lot of useful tips. The episodes are not only available as an audio version, but also as videos on YouTube, and – as you would expect from a photographer – they are professionally shot in black and white.

Creative Pep Talk offers tips and motivation to help you develop a successful creative career. The podcast is hosted by Andy J Miller (Andy J Pizza), who originally studied graphic design but now works as an illustrator, podcaster, and public speaker. He is also the author of the books and products he sells online. Andy covers topics of interest to people who work in the creative field, such as developing their own style, differentiating themselves from the competition, or marketing themselves. In some episodes Andy only gives tips, in others, he invites creative guests who are experts in their field. The illustrations for the individual episodes are also very entertaining.

So if you have some spare time and want some inspiration, why not give one of these podcasts a try.

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